Data as a Service

Correlation Systems’ DaaS platform enables you to access data – footfall, purchase behavior, demography – that was so far too expensive to purchase or simply non existent.

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What is "Data as a service"?

The Platform is an extension of our traditional footfall data solutions.
Our sensors, coupled with a proprietary AI predictive algorithm, allows us to build a high accuracy population map on a city-wide scale. This means we are able to provide crowd analytics data in a per building resolution and OOH valuation data updated on an hourly basis.
This data is available for direct purchase on our website, with a partner access.

Use cases


OOH - DOOH Advertising - Billboard valuation​

We leverage on footfall data to compute the real value of billboards, whether digital or static.
Because purchasing advertising space on billboards is a relatively opaque process, we provide marketers with following billboard valuation data.
Get access to the following data:
- billboard ranking among billboards tracked in the city
- value of a loop (digital billboards)
- daily value (static billboards)


Crowd Insights

We leverage on footfall data enriched with third-party data sources to compute the following data :
- demographic data : gender, age, etc.
- purchasing data: hourly purchase data segmented by industry


Site Selection

If you are planning on opening a brick-and-mortar shop, you know that selecting the right location is a key element of success.
While you can easily find out the current attractiveness of a potential location by simply going there and observing the crowd, it is much harder to predict how it might do in the future. With our data, you can find the daily footfall data for the past 7 days and footfall trends for the month ahead,


Event planning

The success of your events may depend on its ability to get people’s attention. This is why organizing your event at the right time on the right day, when the crowd is at its largest, helps you set your event for success.
We provide you with the following data :
- daily footfall data for the past 7 days
-footfall trends for the month ahead,

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