Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Enhancing JitJip Efficiency Through AI-Powered Quality Control

The Just In Time and Just In Place (JitJip) manufacturing project has emerged as a promising strategy for streamlining production costs and reducing waste in the IoT device industry. However, this decentralized manufacturing paradigm presents unique challenges in ensuring consistent quality control across multiple production sites, especially for SMEs that offer modular, low-cost sensors with shorter delivery times.

In response to these challenges, Correlation Systems Ltd. and Rinicom Ltd. have collaborated to develop an AI-based solution that significantly enhances quality control for manufacturing both existing and third-party IoT sensors. This innovative solution, powered by Rinicom’s InSight “AI BlackBox” is designed to operate as a standalone solution on dedicated hardware or as an integrated component within the KITT4SME AI hosting platform.

The cornerstone of this AI-powered quality control system lies in the extensive training data gathered by Correlation Systems. Hundreds of images capturing various sensor types under diverse scenarios, including different environments, faulty enclosures, missing components, and more, were meticulousle collected. This rich dataset empowers the AI to accurately identify and classify sensors, both internally and externally, and to pinpoint any deviations from established quality standards.

The AI system’s ability to recognize defective sensors and provide detailed explanations for their non-compliance is particularly valuable for streamlining quality control processes. By leveraging AI’s analytical capabilities, manufacturers can quickly identify and address production errors, minimizing the risk of defective products reaching the market.

The implementation of this AI-powered quality control solution is expected to yield significant benefits for SMEs adopting the JitJip manufacturing approach. By automating quality inspections and providing real-time insights, the AI system can:

– Reduce the time and resources dedicated to manual quality control procedures,

– Enhance the accuracy and consistency of quality checks,

– Minimize the likelihood of defective products reaching customers,

– Streamline production processes and improve overall efficiency.

The successful integration of AI into JitJip manufacturing demonstrates the transformative potential of technology in addressing the challenges posed by decentralized production models. By leveraging AI’s capabilities, SMEs can optimize quality control, enhance product quality, and ultimately achieve greater success in the competitive IoT device marke


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