Seoul is slowing down during Seollal

The streets of downtown Seoul are usually crowded and busy, however, if you are walking on those streets during Seollal (The Korean New Year) you may find yourself almost alone. 

According to our measurements, based on crowd analytics sensors located all over Seoul, the overall activity in the key business and entertainment areas such as Gangnam was only 33% compared to normal days.

On the graph above we can see two lines: the green line is an AI based prediction that presents the  expected number of visitors in the Gangnam area while the blue line is the actual number of visitors as been measured using our mobile phone detection system. 

As we can see, during the weekend before the Seollal, the activity patterns were a little lower compared to the activity during a normal weekend, however, during the Seollal days (Monday – Wednesday) the number of visitors is around a third of the normal activity.